Technology Enhanced Learning

Technologies have played a significant role in developing new collaborative approaches to the learning process. Historically e-learning or as it is now referred, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) has primarily been based on the use of the Internet and email features. Today, in this digitally enabled world, the excitement attached to the ‘e’ on TEL is not electronic; instead the ‘e’ is about enhanced learning.

The Faculty of Health and Social Care shares the same passion and drive to using new technologies to enhance collaborative learning. Within our development there are novel applications of technology; one example is the use of a patient’s recorded narrative about their treatment, the learner listens attentively and fine-tunes their communications and empathy skills.

Our interest in the use of technology is one of offering choice and diversity to the learner. Our e-courses are designed to suit all learners irrespective of age, creed, religion, disability, sexuality and technical abilities.

Online Educational Store

In an ever-evolving world, many health and social care organisations face the increasing consumer demand on their service. Development of the workforce can often reshape and reorganise the service to meet the new challenges. Technology Enhanced Learning is an ideal approach for providing flexible e-solutions, work based learning and enrichment to the learning process.

In 2009 the Faculty of Health and Social care launched an impressive portfolio of e-courses and today, the Online Educational Store continues to evolve and provide busy healthcare staff with convenient access to high quality e-courses.

If you would like access to the e-courses for your organisation, please email fohscelearning@edgehill.ac.uk

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